Safer Workforce Training is a very progressive organisation with an ethos and pragmatic approach to supporting small and large businesses alike build the capacity of staff. Thankfully the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have recently approved the use of Blended learning allowing awarding bodies and training providers to offer a holistic approach to training delivery. This means that the business need no longer suffer logistical nightmares when organising training as some of it can be delivered using e-learning platforms at a time and convenience of staff members. This new development also means that costs will be drastically reduced for employers who can now reinvest this resource in another sectors of business sustainability.

We are proud to offer our partners, clients and communities this opportunity but with the same robust and rigorous and stimulating learning strategies that has made us a preferred supplier and partner to major organisations like the NHS, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury`s and xxx to name a few.

The courses we have designed are as follows:

These courses have been designed to ensure that new and existing staff achieve a minimum level of knowledge in safety practices and procedures to protect themselves, their employer and clients. These level 1 courses can then be used towards higher level qualifications by way of Recognition of Learning (RPL) which is recommended by all awarding bodies and OFQUAL.

If you need additional qualification Safer workforce always listens to its partners and clients and shall be happy to discuss your needs.

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