Workplace and Online courses At Safer Workforce Training

At Safer Workforce Training, we offer an extensive range of  workplace and online courses designed to build the capacity of your workforce and ensure that an ethos of safety and security becomes the new norm. Regardless of size or sector we believe in the values of learning in a fun, friendly and interactive environment to stimulate growth and respect for safety and security.

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First Aid First Aid

This course prepares your workplace and those who work within it to cope with emergencies. Moreover, Safer Workforce Advice & Training has written its First Aid course to minimise potential risks and employee downtime due to health ailments. Remember, adverse situations could crop up anytime. And learning First Aid would give you the efficiency and confidence to make quick decisions in favour of your organisation and workforce. The course content includes:

  • Things to do as a first aider
  • Treating breathing problems
  • Treating loss of consciousness
  • Treating blood loss.
  • Treating problems related to skin and bone.
  • Treating poisoning.
Fire Safety Fire Safety

Did you know training sessions for Fire Safety are compulsory for all employees? We have designed our training module to meet the requirements specified by the law. The Workplace and Online courses are imparted by highly qualified trainers, who are not only knowledgeable, but also experienced and skilled. Their relevant practical know-how exposes the students to the nitty-gritty associated with fire and safety. The course content includes:

  • Fire awareness training
  • How to use a fire extinguisher
  • Fire marshal training
  • Risk assessment and safety management
Food Safety Food Safety

Our food safety training course is designed especially for the catering and food manufacturing industries. Right from production to processing, and packaging to consumption, we train candidates to uphold food hygiene to the highest level possible. The course content includes:

  • Basic food safety and hygiene
  • Awareness about food allergies
  • Idea about safe ingredients, nutrients, and special diets
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
Health & Safety Health & Safety

At Safer Workforce Advice & Training we provide e-learning courses that cover various aspects of general Health & Safety within workplaces. The courses are designed to ensure that employees become aware of the do's and dont's to be followed and thus, comply with the legal obligations of occupational safety. The course content includes:

  • Monitoring of chemical exposure
  • Asbestos awareness
  • Biosafety practices of different containment levels
  • Safety for lone workers
  • Manual handling training
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety management
Health & Social Care Health & Social Care

This course is for all those organisations that are working with children, vulnerable adults, and their families. It teaches how to minimise the threats to the welfare of children and vulnerable adults at work, safeguarding them from physical, psychological, sexual, and financial abuse, harm, and neglect. The course content includes:

  • Identify the signs of abuse, harm, and neglect
  • Telling an abuser and victim apart
  • Following the practices for safeguarding their welfare
  • Adhering to the current rules for the same
Security Security
Trainer & Assessor Trainer & Assessor

The course prepares individuals to become competent professional trainers and assessors in various organisations, especially those pertaining to the education sector. The focus is to help them develop subject matter expertise, create robust learning environments, frame learning materials, manage processes, and assess other individuals. The course content includes:

  • How to plan and design training modules
  • How to deliver educational training
  • How to implement academic assessment activities