Consultancy Services At Safer Workforce Training

As much as training is important for businesses to remain legally compliant, audits and risk assessments are essential to complete the process of compliance, too. The latter gives you an insight into the organisation's operations and management systems, and minimises potential risks. At Safer Workforce Training, we provide consultancy services for compliance auditing, reporting, guidance, and risk assessment regarding business processes. The tasks are undertaken by experienced auditors and assessors so that they remain flawless throughout. Services we offer are as follows:

Health & Safety Audits

Safer Workforce Training engages a team of occupational health and safety auditors who conduct the formal procedures, prepare a report mentioning all non-compliances, and instruct how they should be tackled. The report details how the concerned organisation is performing in Health & Safety and whether it is conforming to regulatory standards and government laws. Audits undertaken by us minimises the stress associated with the inevitable visits from Health and Safety Inspectors.

Don't be one of those organisations give hefty fines by the courts see Alton Towers case where judges fined the business Merlin £5,000,000.00

Food Safety Audits

Because the Food Hygiene Rating System set up by Food Standards Agency is predominant in most parts of the UK, the necessity to remain compliant has been magnified since the tragic deaths of innocent consumers in recent weeks. These audits, undertaken by Safer Workforce  Training, help in assessing if a food business catering facility is following the right practices for food safety. The audit also helps in validating the concerned company's Due Diligence, Trustworthiness, and internal policies, and in selecting suppliers.

Don't expose customers to risk of harm, and  the staff or business to risk of fines and or prison term See case of Mohammed Zaman who was jailed for six (6) years for breaching food safety laws

Fire Safety Risk Assessments

Safer Workforce Training has a specialist team of fire safety consultants who are highly qualified and members of the Institutions of Fire Engineers. These professionals are well versed in fire safety requirements, and thoroughly understand its importance. They carry out audits so that your organisation complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. A comprehensive yet precise report is generated which contains details about non-compliances, and the time that will be needed to set them right.

Don't put staff at risk of serious injury or death or the business at risk of prosecution as in the case of Mr. Walton

Risk Assessment Made Easy!

 To simplify the process of risk assessment, we at Safer Workforce Training have created a bank of generic work-based templates that can be customised as per your business needs. These templates let you conduct your own risk assessments. Of course, if you want to develop your assessment skills even more, you can always enroll on our Risk Assessment Training Course. For further assistance, our consultants are always ready to offer their advice. Alternatively, you can also seek risk assessors from our consultants who would handle the entire task for you. These professionals would be your best bet for tricky situations such as noise at work, legionella, fire hazards, and asbestos exposure. They would not only provide sound practical advice, but also instructions on the control measures to be take up.

Want to seek our consultancy services? We at Safer Workforce Training look forward to hearing from your soon.

Security Surveying & Risk Analysis :

Conducting a security survey is a mission critical responsibility for all modern businesses to identify, mitigate and manage security risks. Our team of security experts are on hand to help your organisation mitigate and manage risk by taking you through a thorough step-by-step process of conducting an effective security survey in order to develop robust measures to minimise security risks to the business internally and externally.

Please don't expose your business to the threat of criminal activity or malicious sabotage see the sad case of Kim Kardashian West in Paris